Well, it's hot, but not as hot as it was in June. Saturday's rain meant cooler temperatures for the early Sunday morning hours of the August coin show. Of course, by mid afternoon, the temperatures rose into the 90s.

Throughout the day, the coin show saw good traffic but lighter than previous months. Perhaps people enjoyed vacation time. Or, maybe they were doing some back-to-school preparation. Many schools in the area start this week or next.

The bourse was almost, but not quite, full of dealers. Two of our regulars had some last minute conflicts and could not come. Some other regular dealers knew they would be on their way to the ANA show in Philadelphia, and guest dealers took their spaces with new numismatic displays in their showcases.

Welcome and thank you to the guest dealers. We hope our regular visitors got a chance to meet the guest dealers and view their variety of coins, bullion and currency.
And, a small four-legged visitor decided to join the people on the bourse. The happy little dog came into the show with bright eyes and wagging his (or her) tail. He walked around and put his front paws on chairs as if to say, "Me, too. Me, too. I want to see the collectibles."

Such a friendly little guy. He was taken to the front desk where they called Animal Control. We hope he was micro chipped and returned back to his home quickly.

On to coins now...

The discussions continued about the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set from the US Mint. Will it grow in value? Will it retain its value? Will the value decline?

People who ordered the sets early in the US Mint's order window began to receive them at the end of July.

Some people claim the sets are not packaged as well as earlier sets. They arrive with the coins moving around in their holders.

Others have already submitted their sets to the certification companies hoping for a Mint State 70 designation.
Here's a big "welcome and thank you for coming" to the people behind the new faces we saw on the bourse. Whether new to numismatics or you've been a collector or investor for awhile, we hope you found something interesting and will return to future shows.

And, as always, we're happy to see our regulars who visit many, if not all, of the monthly coin shows. Thank you for attending the show, we're glad you came.

Those flashes you saw during the day weren't from a thunderstorm. Instead, they came from the cameras of people taking photographs of a wedding party being hosted at the hotel.

A few wedding guests took a moment or two to visit the coin show as well.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from August 2012

Unlike the 5-piece silver American Eagle anniversary sets in 2011, these are not rapidly rising in value.

One reason could be that the order window was so long, the people that really wanted the sets were able to order them.

The 5-piece 2011 sets had a very short order window. Many people were not able order the sets they wanted.

The open market shows the new two-piece sets have increased slightly in value, but will they go much higher? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, people looking for the 2011 5-piece silver American Eagle sets on the coin show's bourse found they are not readily available.

Quite a few of our dealers had gold coins on display.

One dealer brought a number of 100 ounce silver bars. At the end of the day he left with none of the silver bars.

Two of our dealers this month had their showcases filled with an extensive number of large cents.

Another dealer offered a huge selection of Barber half dollars.

The coin show's bourse contained a variety of interests and collectibles. People can find a wide selection of silver dollars for collecting or for bullion. In addition, they can find gold, silver and copper in collectibles and in bullion.
Some of our dealers also offered ancient and world coins and collectibles.

And, books and collecting supplies were found on the bourse this month.

Each month the coin show includes dealers who provide the numismatist or the investor with a nice selection and variety of coins, currency and bullion.

Work on your numismatic interests and visit the variety on the bourse at our next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, September 16, 2012.