By our next show, we will have a new president-elect and the financial situation will continue to change. Everyone will be tightening their belts and determining how to weather the economic storm.

Look at history and consider the different characteristics today. Keep informed and research your areas of interest. Then, visit the next show in November to buy, sell and trade within your specific interests.

Paraphrasing from Rudyard Kipling's IF, "keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..."

We'll see you at the next show!

Between political stories, financial companies with difficulties and the economic woes for everyone else, the world - not just the US - experienced and continues to encounter strange times.

In the game of financial musical chairs, the music (poor money management and lax lending practices) hasn't stopped yet, and we don't know who will remain to find a chair. As an individual, the best you can do is continue to educate yourself and don't panic.

At the show, there were a lot of people - more buyers than sellers - dealing in gold and silver. If you look at history, the precious metals do well in tough economic times. But, for your own situation, perform your own research and decide on the best investment vehicle for you.
What a beautiful day in Atlanta! The morning was cool, in the 40s, but the afternoon warmed into the mid to high 60s. The clear blue sky and the fall sunlight made the day gorgeous for all those who ventured outside.

Perhaps the cool morning kept our guests home a little longer, but by late morning we had a full bourse floor with people moving from dealer to dealer.

But, as usual, our dealers arrived early, and with the floor full of dealers, they worked with each other then with guests when they arrived.

If you remember for the September show, the gas prices were rising rapidly. Shortly after, the gas in Atlanta became scarce. At one point, we drove by every gas station in our immediate area, and none had gas. Luckily, through conservation and not driving needlessly (except looking for gas) , we did not run out of gas in our vehicles.

Also since the September show, the news has jumped from crisis to major story to crisis over the last few weeks.
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