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Coin Show

Next Monthly Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes for March 2022

Mark your calendar and join us at the next show on Sunday, April 3, 2022 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom.

The dealers will provide displays of coins, currency, bullion, exonumia, scripophily, semi-precious stones, jewelry and other interesting items in the dealers' showcases.

Doors open at 9am for guests to visit the bourse for buying, selling, trading or just looking at the different collectible and historical items in the dealers' displays.

In the event circumstances impact the show, check with this web site, the recorded show message (770-772-4359) or join our mailing list to receive information about the shows.

Make a reminder note and visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, April 3, 2022 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom to join the fun and view the items on the bourse.

Fish Shaped Creamer

1918 One Thousand Dollar Note

1979 First Day Cover Set Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins

Visitors to the March 2022 Greater Atlanta Coin Show enjoyed a warm day outside and inside a bourse filled with coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles.

As always, we thank all of you that participated in the monthly show from the visitors to the dealers to our security and to the hotel's staff. Each of you helps make the show a success from month to month. Thank you.

The show offers displays filled with treasures where guests can buy items to add to their collection, sell numismatic collectibles to the dealers, obtain free verbal appraisals for numismatic items brought to the show, or just view the many examples in the showcases.

All are welcome whether buying, selling or just browsing among the many displays.
For early March, the temperature outside became rather warm. Per NOAA's online records, we set a new record high of 80° for the Atlanta area. Of course, Mother Nature presents a variety of weather changes to pique our interest.

The hotel provided interest for those arriving the night before. Three different parties enjoyed the hotel's amenities and offered three different styles to the people watchers from retro-grunge to fancy. Hope all the attendees at the parties had fun.
This month the show welcomed a few visiting dealers to the show while some of our regulars attended the TSNS show in Chattanooga. Thank you to our visiting dealers. We hope you had a good show.

As in the past few months, guests continued their searches for gold and other precious metals to buy in addition to rare coins. With the economic and world news, precious metals continue to be in high demand.

Of course, discussions on the bourse included the rising gas prices and the war Russia took to Ukraine along with comments about coins, currency, bullion and other items on display.

At the show, people also remembered a couple of dealers who recently passed.
First we have Bob Gabel.

He set up at the Greater Atlanta Coin Show for many years.

Due to health issues, he had not participated recently.

Mr. Gabel also had coins and cards in a variety of shop locations in the Marietta area.

Godspeed, Mr. Gabel.
Next, Craig Troup was also a dealer at the Greater Atlanta Coin show throughout the years.

He also stopped setting up at the show a few years ago due to health issues.

Similarly, he had coin shop in the Buford area.

Rest in peace, Mr. Troup.
In Memoriam - Bob Gabel
Now, let's take a look at just a few displays.
In Memoriam - Craig Troup
Fish Shaped Ceramic Creamer
As noted, dealers at the show also display collectibles other than coins, currency and bullion.

This interesting and colorful item was a creamer, however it would be better as a decorative item today.

The fun fish shaped creamer is 7.5" x 3.2" and 3.9" tall.

This small fish would make a striking addition to a ceramic display or to a fish collection.
1918 $1000 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal Burke-Glass
This specimen is still legal tender at face value, however as a collectible its value is much higher.

The Federal Reserve Notes were issued under the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913.

These notes included denominations from $5 to $10,000 with the $5 to $100 notes being series 1914 while the $500 to $10,000 were series 1918.

The Federal Reserve Notes were issued by the United States to the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, which then distributed the notes to banks and the public.

Unlike earlier notes, the government held the obligation to pay the bearer on demand rather than the banks themselves.

The obligation behind the Federal Reserve Notes read:
"The United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand ... Dollars ... This note is receivable by all national and member banks and Federal Reserve Banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. It is redeemable in gold on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States in the city of Washington, District of Columbia or in gold or lawful money at any Federal Reserve Bank."

This particular note contains the blue seal and was signed by John Burke, Treasurer of the United States, and Carter Glass, Secretary of the Treasury.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank placed this $1000 note into distribution.

Whether a currency collector or just intrigued by the history of the Federal Reserve Notes, this $1000 note presents a nice specimen to own.
1979 First Day Cover Set Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins
"The Postal Commemorative Society certifies that each one-dollar coin contained herein is an authentic First Day of Issue Specimen of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. The Society further certifies that the special commemorative cover in which each coin is sealed bears the postmark of the city where the coin was struck, and also the official First Day of Issue date of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, July 2, 1979."

Though not an expensive collectible, this set provides an interesting way to collect the first Susan B. Anthony dollar coins.
The next item is a three-coin set of First Day Covers for the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins.

Three envelopes contain a coin with each coin from a different mint, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Each envelope is stamped with the first day of the coin, July 2, 1979, and stamped at a corresponding post office location in each mint city.

The Postal Commemorative Society produced and certified the sets.

The Certificate of Authenticity reads: