Though the Monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show began in February 1988, the coin show's web
site and notes pages did not start until 2008.

Take a virtual tour of the various coin shows by visiting show notes pages through the years.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Notes About Each Monthly Coin Show

Each month, we capture the highlights from the coin
show. We feature the weather, the guests, the
dealers and a few of the coins on display. Plus, we
add a few other comments appropriate to the

By year, the coin show notes follow from December
at the top backwards to January at the bottom.
Click on a year then the specific month to view the
notes page for that coin show.

Generally, monthly coin show notes for the most
recent show are added within the week following
the Sunday coin show.