On a different note, one dealer had a Lincoln cent collection. Some people may scoff at Lincoln collections, but others find the Lincoln cents very interesting.

In this collection, the key dates were very nice and worth several thousands of dollars even without the all of the other coins. Yes, the 1909 S-VDB was in there and very nice too.

If you didn't get to come to the show, you missed a great one. We hope you visit next month.

Plan to visit the October 11th, 2009 show!

Some pundits speculate that once the price goes above $1000 for several days that the $1000 per ounce will become the unspoken price floor. Next, the per ounce value will start to climb even higher.

Are they right? Maybe, who really knows for sure. Take a look at kitco every few days to watch the charts.

It's a great resource if you collect or invest in gold. If you don't, it's still an interesting resource to see what is happening in the gold markets.

Of course, quite a number of people looked for and found bullion at Sunday's show. Some dealers have proof gold, some have rare gold and some offer bullion gold.
Great show! We had a large crowd visit the show this month, and we saw a lot of new faces.

Here's a thank you and a welcome back to the "regulars" and a big welcome and a we-hope-you-come-back to the new people.

Wasn't the day wonderful? Yes, it was overcast most of the day and in the low 80s, but didn't it feel nice to be out and about?

Plus, today's late summer 80s do not feel as hot as the early summer 80s. The humidity begins to decrease as fall approaches.

Are you following the gold prices? Did you notice at the end of last week gold closed at the highest point ever recorded? Hmmm, wonder what the spike in 1980 would be in today's dollars and how it compares...

On Friday, the New York gold market closed $1005.10 per ounce. During the day, the price per ounce fluctuated even higher.
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