Really, we expected the August Greater Atlanta Coin Show to be rather slow with people either away for a last summer "hoorah" or too busy with back-to-school tasks.

Instead, the coin show's bourse enjoyed a bustling amount of traffic in its aisles from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

Here's a HUGE thank you to all of the people - patrons, dealers, security, hotel, staff, etc. - that made the August coin show a happening place to be.

Too, the weather cooperated with warm temperatures, the 80s, and sunny skies even though the forecast included a chance of rain and/or thundershowers.

A busy coin show, even packed at times, let's browse the aisles, shall we?

One showcase included a 1900 Lafayette dollar coin in an NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) certified holder graded as an MS-65 white. An interesting commemorative coin with the heads of George Washington and the marquis de Lafayette on the obverse, that particular coin's value ranges into five digits for that condition.
Another showcase held an 1865 Liberty Seated silver dollar coin in an NGC certified AU holder. Of the less than 50,000 minted for this year, how many of these dollar coins are left and how many are in this condition?

At over 200 years old, a dealer showed off an 1807 Draped Bust silver half dollar certified as an NGC Extra Fine 40. This coin's mintage was over 300,000, but how many exist today - in more than just "good" condition?

Next, there's an 1838 Liberty Seated "Large Stars" silver dime in an NGC MS-65 certified holder. The mint produced almost two million of these coins, in several varieties as well during this year. Over the years, the Liberty Seated dime included several different varieties. For 1838, the coins included small stars, large stars or partial drapery.
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Coin Show - Monthly Notes from August 2013

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Erroneously, we might think of the coin certification companies just working on US Mint products, but several dealers' showcases proved that no to be true.

The dealers showed off certified coins from other countries with their different designs and metals. For example, there were slabbed coins from Ghana, Belgian Congo, Germany, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and that's just a few of the represented countries. Some were silver, some copper, some cupro-nickel and whatever else the foreign countries chose for their coins.

There were also 2x2 examples of pocket-change world coins including New Zealand, Canada, Cuba, Newfoundland and the Netherlands to name a few examples.
Coin from the Greeks and Romans represented the ancient coins on display. Old, really old, coins from England, India and the Byzantine Empire resided side-by-side in one showcase.

Remember, too, that numismatics is the study of money, not just coins. Several dealers displayed currency. Some showed off the old American currency. Others displayed the rather colorful foreign currencies.

As for color, do you like toned coins? Some can be dull and lacklustre from the oxidation of the metal. Others can take on a brilliant tone in various colors of the rainbow.

One dealer showed an American Silver Eagle with an orange tone - the color similar to that of the orange in a colorful sunset. The darker sunset orange encircled the obverse of the coin by roughly 1/4 inch. The lighter sunset orange covered the center of the "Liberty walking into a new dawn" design.

As is usual, several different dealers showed off a variety of gold and silver in both coins and bars.

One gentleman arrived at the coin show with a 10-ounce gold bar to determine its current value from the dealers.

Of course, there also were versions of the 5-ounce silver "quarters" along with silver rounds and platinum bullion on display.

In another showcase, a dealer displayed a full set of Franklin silver half dollars in a flat display panel.

But, dealers also offer other exonumia as well.
One included a Dr. West's 2½¢ token. (View an example of the Dr. West's Token at the web site.) Being somewhat biased, the one at the coin show was much more interesting with its full color and clear design.

Back to the foreign slabbed coins, this one was most interesting - at least in its name: 2003 Trans-Nistria 100R City of Bendery Arms PF69 Ultra Cameo.

The name certainly piqued the curiosity and required some searching for more information. Take a look at this web site for more details about the City of Bendery Arms coin. Here's another site showing a "real" City of Bendery Arms coin.
Even more interesting perhaps, the City of Bendery Arms coin's mintage shows at just  500.

On a related note, some of our regular dealers headed early to the ANA show in Chicago and were unable to attend the August Greater Atlanta Coin Show. A few of the dealers who did attend planned to fly to Chicago for the ANA the next day.

Next month, the coin show will have coin dealers showing off their wide variety of coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles. The dealers' interests range from the ancients to the colonial to the modern era and from domestic to worldwide.