In a recent e-zine, the business philosopher Jim Rohn stated, "Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy." Do you have a strategy for the success of your coin collecting and investing?

Are you a pure collector trying to find the best coins for your specific collections? Are you a pure investor using coins and metals to diversify your portfolio? Or, are you a combination collector and investor who enjoys collecting coins but is also interested in the overall investment value of your collections?

Visit us at our next show in August and focus on building your skills and strategy.

On a side note, people who build computer viruses should be strung over a fire ant hill in the hot Georgia sun. They should have to stay there the same amount of time as it took people to clean their computers of the virus. Oh, and anyone infected should have the option of poking the fire ants with a stick to stir them and make them crawl all over and bite the culprit.

Our apologies for the late posting for the July show, however a vicious virus got around our firewall and anti-virus software.

Today, those metals are trading high, and as a result, people are liquidating their silver and gold - in some cases for the money and in other cases to trade lower grade bulk for higher grade long term value.

The coin show is a great place to research selling your coins, metals or collections.

Of course, the coin show is also a great place to research the alternatives to improve your existing collection or to invest in tangible coins and metals.

As an example, activity at Sunday’s show had transactions in the six digits.
Thunder boomers and gully washers! The July coin show's weather included thunderstorms off and on throughout the day.

Just outside the main doorway, you could see the turbulence in the hotel's pool during the heavy rainfall. But, with the drought conditions of the last couple of years, we are not complaining!

The July coin show was great. Both dealers and guests disregarded the weather.

Dealers joined us from metro Atlanta and other areas of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee this month. Plus, we had fantastic attendance.

Many guests came to the coin show to look, buy and sell making the bourse very busy for everyone.

Have you noticed? As the stock market and economy have difficulty, the metals start increasing in value. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum can increase dramatically.
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