Neither the weather nor the metals adversely impacted the March show. The dealers and show guests attended to buy, sell and trade within their favorite interests.

Of course, if you are watching the financial news and the economy, there are other areas of volatility as well. Real Estate, the banking industry and the stock market are all experiencing change.

Impacts to these areas can invoke changes in the gold, silver, platinum and numismatic interests.

Visit our next show to buy, sell and trade in this exciting market!

Question: Which is more volatile - metro Atlanta's weather or the prices of gold and silver?

Well, the answer really depends on where you live and how invested you are in the gold and silver markets.

Prior to and just after the March show, you could call Atlanta "Tornado Alley of the South."

Various suburbs in and around Atlanta and the major downtown areas were hit with damaging tornados and straight line winds. Clean up and recovery will take time.

For the metals, gold and silver climbed to new heights in pricing per ounce.

At one point gold went over $1000 and silver over $20. Afterwards, the prices dropped back, but they could easily increase to new levels in the near future.
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