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Coin Show

Next Monthly Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes for January 2024

Mark your calendar and join us at the next show on Sunday, February 11, 2023, in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom.

The dealers at the February coin show will fill the bourse with their displays of coins, currency, bullion, exonumia, scripophily, semi-precious stones, jewelry and other interesting items for guests to enjoy.

The show always welcomes visitors to buy, sell, trade or just enjoy viewing the variety of numismatic and other collectibles in the dealers' displays.

People can also bring coins and currency to the show for a free verbal appraisal based on the current market.

The show is open from 9am - 4pm, however arrive early for the most opportunities. 

Should circumstances impact the show, check with this web site, the recorded show message (770-772-4359), or join our mailing list to receive up-to-date information about the next show.

Make a reminder note and visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, February 11, 2024 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom to join the fun and view the items on the bourse.
On a nice, but a little nippy, day, many visitors came to the January 2024 Greater Atlanta Coin Show. For the first show of the year, dealers filled the bourse with their displays of coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles.

The weather provided a cold morning with temperatures rising into the 50s in the afternoon under partly cloudy skies. 

Of course, we thank each of our visitors, our dealers, our security and the hotel's staff for all of your contributions to the show.

In this, our 37th year, the monthly coin shows continue to be a fun place to spend a few hours one Sunday each month.

Since the metals provide an interesting up and down market and inflation still makes things much more expensive than just a year or so ago, several people visit the show in search of silver, gold or other precious metal items.

Some people brought items to determine their value and, in some cases, to sell some or all of them.

Of course, there are the diehard numismatists who come to the show to find new treasures to add to their collection or perhaps to upgrade to better grades.

Let's take a look at just a few of the items seen on the bourse.

10 Troy Ounce SilverTowne Mint Silver Eagle Bar

10 troy ounce SilverTowne Mint Eagle Silver Bar obverse
10 troy ounce SilverTowne Mint Eagle Silver Bar reverse
In honor of those visitors to the show looking for silver bars, our first specimen is a Silvertowne Mint Silver Eagle Bar.

This particular bar contains 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, an easy size and way to collect bullion silver.

The obverse shows an eagle with wings outstretched and prepared to land on a branch.  with wings still outstretched. Underneath the eagle, the content and size of the bar is listed as ".999 FINE SILVER TEN TROY OUNCES."

On the reverse, a crisscross waffle pattern covers the bar with the SilverTowne logo with the donkey and prospector at the bottom including a small pick ax shown separately in the lower corner.

Silver 10 troy ounce bars offer a quick opportunity to add silver to your collection or to your portfolio.

Morgan Dollar Coins

Morgan silver dollar coins
Another easy way to collect silver is with silver dollar coins.

Here are several circulated Morgan Dollar coins.

Even circulated, the Morgan Dollar retains a value larger than just silver due to people's continued interested in the coin designed by George T. Morgan.

These coins, with their wear and their discoloration (don't clean this), still showcase the beauty of the Morgan Liberty design.

With time, the Morgan Dollar coins should keep their premium over silver and offer another easy way to collect not only silver but part of the US Mint's history.

2022 American Gold Eagles

2022 American Gold Eagle one ounce coins obverse
2022 American Gold Eagle one ounce coins reverse
Of course, we cannot forget gold.

These two lovely ladies from the 2022 American Gold Eagle series provide a beautiful option for collecting gold.

The obverse showcases the strong Liberty design by Augustus St. Gaudens.

The reverse, first seen on the 2021 coins, is the alert head of an eagle by Jennie Norris.

These coins are legal tender at $50 each, however they are worth significantly more with their content of 1 troy ounce of fine gold.

Their value fluctuates with the price of an ounce of gold, but they also bring a premium over their gold content.

The gold ladies can add bright value to a bullion or American Eagle collection

2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set

2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set
2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set obverse
2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set reverse
Our last example for this month is the US Mint's 2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set.

The US Mint described the set as:

"The Morgan & Peace Dollar Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set contains one Morgan Dollar Coin and one Peace Dollar Coin minted at the United States Mint at San Francisco in .999 silver with reverse proof finishes.

"Each set is encapsulated and packaged in a single, elegant black box with sleeve and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

"The 2023 renditions of the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars feature two of the most revered designs of Liberty in U.S. coinage history.

"The Morgan Dollar, designed by George T. Morgan, features an obverse profile of Lady Liberty, and the reverse features a heraldic eagle.

"The Peace Dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, features the Goddess of Liberty on the obverse and a bald eagle clutching an olive branch on the reverse."

On the reverse proof, the fields are frosted and the devices, including any text, are mirror-like.

This set provides two popular coins in a modern format.