As for the bourse, the dealers, of course, had a variety of collectible and investment coins, currency and bullion offered in their cases. Plus, some guests brought coins and metals to sell or trade. Our supplies dealer brought many collectible materials and books for the numismatic needs.

Of notable interest, one dealer had a nice selection of Dahlonega gold in his cases. Another dealer offered the new 2011 (yes, 2011) silver eagles at his table.

With silver prices climbing, in general, but with a recent short-term downturn in the metal rates, there was a lot of interest in silver bullion. Several dealers brought 10 ounce and 100 ounce silver bars to display and offer to both guests and dealers alike.

On a related note, there was a lot of buying and selling of silver dollars, mostly common silver dollars that were bought and sold based on silver rates.

Due to the number of guests, all of our dealers stayed busy for a large part of the morning and early afternoon. Though, some dealers did find a few minutes to take advantage of the hotel's Wi-Fi service. The metals markets weren't open, but they could review the recent trends.

After scrambling to find a new home and working to get everything ready for January, our first show exceeded our expectations. We hope you enjoyed the show and will be back to visit again on Sunday, February 13, 2011.
Third, a thank you goes to the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta for including our new location and 2011 monthly dates in their newsletter.

Another thank you goes out to the returning dealers and to the new dealers at the show. They help make the bourse interesting and successful for guests.

The largest thank you goes to the many people (lots and lots) who came to the show at the new location. We are especially thankful considering we did not have the details of the new location to announce at our December show.

As a result, several of our dealers commented, "I can't believe how many people came." These comments are in part due to guests being elbow to elbow on the bourse by mid-morning. Throughout the day, we saw returning guests along with new faces as well. We also saw and welcomed the young people to the show. Here's to all of those who attended Sunday's show....THANK YOU!
We're starting 2011 with a BIG thank you to several different people and entities.

A HUGE thank you goes to our new host for the monthly shows - The Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center. Their people worked with us to get a contract signed and the show schedule set up in time for a successful January bourse. Plus, they had the ballroom set up and ready to go early Sunday morning.

In addition, the hotel's restaurants offered food services in their restaurants with the larger restaurant available for breakfast and The Pub for lunch. Some people enjoyed breakfast while others enjoyed lunch at the hotel.

Second, let's thank the controller of the weather for the day being nice enough (low 50s) to let people get out and about. After the snow and ice earlier in the week almost paralyzed our southern locale, we were concerned that too much ice would keep people away. But, with temperatures in the 40s on Friday and Saturday along with a nice Sunday, guests did not let the remaining ice and snow deter them
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