What a gorgeous day for a coin show. Not only did we not get the rain that was predicted earlier in the week, but the sun shone and the temperatures rose to the high 60s - maybe even low 70s.

Years ago, one of the few coin shows impacted by dangerous icy weather occurred in March. Of course, we know metro Atlanta can be fickle when it comes to wet or frozen stuff falling from the sky and the temperatures - lows or highs.

Even with the time change this month, the coin dealers arrived early to set up and start their business before the visitors joined the coin show.

As the dealers arrived, they saw golfers, also getting an early start, going into the nearby club house to enjoy a nice morning on the golf course behind the hotel.

As for the coin show, neither sunshine and warm nor rain and cold weather keeps the coin dealers and visitors away. The March coin show enjoyed a bourse with all of the dealer tables full and a crowd of visitors busy buying, selling and trading with the coin dealers.
Our appreciation goes to the hotel staff for their wee hours of the morning efforts to make sure the space was set up and ready to go Sunday morning.

Plus, we appreciate the hotel's restaurant staff at midday. They work with the coin dealers - and visitors, too, if you want - in taking lunch orders and bringing them to the bourse. That makes it easy for the coin dealers to remain at their tables and meet with the visitors.

As for numismatics this month, people continued to query the coin dealers for the 2012 Uncirculated American Silver Eagles. But, demand outpaced supply this month. With several recent coin shows, the dealers who would normally have the bullion coins haven't yet had an opportunity to replenish their supply.

In addition to silver bullion, people also looked for platinum. After staying significantly under gold's value for several months, the per ounce platinum price is almost even with gold. Perhaps it will see an increase soon. Like the eagles, the coin dealers' supply was less than the demand.

From a localized view, when demand exceeds supply, the dealers scramble to find what customers want. On a broader scale, high demand increases prices when there is dwindling supply.

A few of our regular dealers missed this show as they chose to attend another coin show over the weekend, but don't worry, they'll be back soon. In the meantime, a few guest dealers joined the March coin show.

Before we forget, let's take a moment to say thank you to the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center staff. They do a great job each month making sure the room is reserved and set up correctly for the coin show's early morning start.

That had to be a challenge for the staff for this month's coin show.

When the dealers arrived, the entrance foyer was still knee deep in balloons in the early morning. Also, the parking lot contained quite a few vehicles remaining from the busy Saturday night celebrations.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from March 2012

Is this more demand versus less supply issue local or broader? Time will tell.

For those interested in early coins, one dealer displayed several nice, early copper coins while another showcased a high-end set of bust half dollar coins he recently purchased. Whether people preferred copper or silver, these coins drew the attention of many interested in seeing - and purchasing - the beautiful coins.

With the economy as it is, people still like to collect the early silver dollars. As a result, several of the coin dealers offered very nice Morgan silver dollars in their displays. It's interesting, when buying silver, people really prefer either the American Silver Eagles or the old - but nice - silver dollars.

On a sad note, we offer condolences to one of our dealers who lost his father last week. Mr. Joe O'Connell passed away at age 98. For many years he operated O'Connell's Coins in Columbus, Georgia. When he wanted to slow down, his son, Jay O'Connell, took over the reins at the coin shop.

For several of the coin show's early years, the elder Mr. O'Connell traveled with Jay to spend the day working with coins and people at the Sunday coin shows.

The coin community lost a fine numismatist and gentleman. May he rest in peace.
For April, mark your calendars for the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, April 15, 2012. Never mind that it is Tax Day, come enjoy the coin show.