For you Sci-Fi buffs, we also had a few Dr. Who fans stop to look at the venue in preparation for an event they are planning.

In my opinion, Tom Baker was the best of the original Dr. Who actors - not sure about the recent years' shows and actors.

Back to coins, in addition to the people interested in the numismatic hobby, the coin show also welcomes people who have inherited coins or collections and are interested in learning about what they have or are wanting to sell the coins.

Please, do not clean the coins or break them out of protective holders - especially proof sets and mint sets!

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Guests at the May show saw a beautiful spring day in Atlanta - partly cloudy skies, frequent breezes, mid to high 70s - a great day to be out and to visit the coin show.

In May, the coin show competed for space with other events at the hotel including the Sports Card show and a teddy bear show.

People from the Sports Card show came over to visit the coin show, and people from the coin show took a look at the sports cards and memorabilia.

Also, we heard some coin show guests stopped into the teddy bear show and purchased hand made teddy bears.

Regardless, the coin show had great attendance. The aisles were filled with the serious and the not-quite-so-serious coin collectors interested in seeing the coins and collections in the various displays.

Coins, metals and collections were bought, sold, and traded.

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