This month several dealers commented they are seeing more buyers than sellers at coin shows and in their shops. Obviously, for business, it's good to have buyers. But, coin dealers need sellers, too. Since the US Mint is only producing coins for the current year, the dealers are dependent on people selling their collectibles for replenishing the dealers' inventories.

Of course, dealers also buy from each other, but it's the general public who supply the dealers. Right now, dealers are concerned with the diminished opportunities to buy from the general populace.

Currently, people are mostly looking to purchase bullion, generally gold or silver. At Sunday's coin show, the dealers offered both gold and silver bullion to help meet the demand. There were plenty of 5-ounce America the Beautiful silver rounds on the bourse. Also, the dealers offered common $10 and $20 gold pieces.

Many of you are aware, but some are not, that gold pieces are often described by their face value. Their gold content at today's prices make the coins worth much more. For example, a $10 gold piece contains a quarter-ounce of gold. Simple math will tell you that a quarter-ounce gold coin will be over $400.

At Sunday's show, new flyers for the 2012 coin show year were available. We'll wait to add the dates to the web site after the December show - just to prevent any confusion between 2011 and 2012.

The 2012 Greater Atlanta Coin Show will be returning to the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center. They have been excellent in working with us and providing the space and facility the coin show needs. We're looking forward to the next year at this location.

In the meantime, we still have two shows remaining in 2011. Mark your calendar for our next monthly coin show on Sunday, November 13, 2011 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom located on the main conference floor.
Lots of people visited the show including several dealers who were looking for specific items and for interesting deals.

As for the general public, most people came to buy rather than to sell. With the recent decrease in gold and silver prices, a lot of people are holding their gold and silver until the markets go back up. Though, a few people did bring modern gold and silver pieces to offer to the dealers.

One lady wanting to sell her gold arrived just in the nick of time. She came just after 4 pm. The show is open until 5 pm, but many dealers leave earlier for travel and personal reasons. She arrived while one of the bullion dealers was still available.

We encourage people to arrive as early as they can to find the most dealers and the most opportunities. The coin dealers have a variety of interests in both what they buy and what they sell. We're glad one of our dealers was able to help her.

The leaves are turning. First, it's the red of the dogwoods and the yellow of the poplars, but the changes of the other trees follow quickly. The weather for the October coin show was pleasant, mid-70s, but with overcast skies getting ready for rain at the beginning of the week.

It's good the rain delayed as the hotel was busy over the weekend with weddings. They had one Saturday night and one late afternoon on Sunday. Perhaps the weddings and their guests explain why the hotel's large parking areas were almost, but not quite, full.

Sunday's wedding was held outside at the Brumby House with a dinner following in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom. Actually, the wedding was the reason the coin show was in the two rooms downstairs this month. The hotel needed time to setup the ballroom for the evening event.

That's okay. The coin show was busy, busy, busy. The show's two rooms were full of dealers, and both rooms experienced busy crowds for much of the day - at least until mid-afternoon when the show normally starts to wind down
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