On a different note, recently emails have circulated pointing to a YouTube video about the Amazing Free-Flying Bald Eagle "Challenger" (AEF). The video shows several different occasions with large crowds where the magnificent eagle flew. (To view the video click here Challenger Video)

For you savvy numismatists, you probably saw the article about Challenger in the ANA's March 2008 The Numismatist. The article was written by Joe Meyers who had personal experience with Challenger as part of the bald eagle conservancy and release program. He is also knowledgeable about Challenger's likeness on the US Mint's Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin program. (Some of you may know or have seen the author, Joe Meyers, at the local shows.) To review the article click here Challenger Coin.

Both the video and the coin article are interesting and provide insights into the bald eagle programs, conservancy and coins.

Visit us at the March coin show to take advantage of the many opportunities available to grow your collection and investments.
One of our regular dealers recently purchased a full Dahlonega gold set which he had on display. Perhaps it could be yours with the appropriate offer in the six digit range.

Along with the normal discussions of coins and metals, many people were talking about the "stimulus" bills in the House and in the Senate. Everyone wants the economy to improve and the country to succeed, but there is a lot of displeasure in this effort by Congress and our new President.

On the other hand, tough economic times equate to significant opportunities in the buying and selling of rare coins and bullion.

What an interesting weather week! Earlier in the week, with wind chill, metro Atlanta had single digit temperatures down to 1 degree. But, today's weather for the show was beautiful with temperatures close to and exceeding 70. This week definitely showed the fickleness of Atlanta's weather.

Today's show was busy with the bourse full of dealers and the aisles full of public guests. Due to several events scheduled in the hotel, the bourse was a smaller space this month. Next month, we will be back to our normal configuration.

We appreciate both the dealers and the public's patience and flexibility with the tighter space and stressed HVAC this month.

There were many guests throughout the day along with many new faces. Several people including the new arrivals were looking to buy silver and gold - either bullion or coins - in addition to the regulars looking to buy and sell coins.
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