What an extraordinary February Greater Atlanta Coin Show! We always think the show will be good, but we didn't expect the bourse to be as busy as it was from the opening at 9 am until tapering off from 2 pm until closing at 5 pm.

A big welcome and a huge thank you to all of the new people, the regulars and the infrequent guests who visited the coin show. We appreciate you attending the show, and we're glad you came.

The second monthly coin show of 2013 began with sunshine in the morning and ended with rain and thunderstorms starting mid afternoon. For February in metro Atlanta, the temperatures were mild and pleasant. More importantly, we're thankful that we didn't get any of the storm that dumped three feet of snow in the New England states.

At the Sunday show, Gary welcomed visitors at the entrance and continued to provide overall security for the coin show while Jim recuperates. As a pleasant surprise, Jim came to visit for a short time. He's in good spirits and looking forward to starting to work with his new prosthesis.
On an opposite note, some of our visitors took advantage of having several coin dealers in one place to sell their collectibles. Our dealers have a variety of interests, and due to the friendly competition on the floor, offer their best prices for people's collectibles and bullion.

One visitor brought a nice group of bust dollars - but not to sell. This guest wanted assistance in learning how to get the coins slabbed by a grading service.

Neither silver nor gold, a dealer sold a one-ounce palladium Panda at the show. Palladium, another white precious metal, currently trades on the commodities market in the mid to upper $700s per troy ounce. The palladium shone in its minted Panda form.
This month visitors to the show looked for a variety of items including both collectibles and bullion investment coins along with perusing the selection of other treasures on the bourse.

Several people searched for the new 2013 American Silver Eagles among the dealers' showcases. Earlier this year, the US Mint stopped selling the 2013 American Silver Eagles due to lack of supply. Though the US Mint re-started sales, only a few dealers at the show had the bullion silver coins on display.

Not to be outdone, gold could be found on the bourse as well. Several dealers offered proof gold buffalo coins. Also, several dealers displayed a number of slabbed modern proof gold coins available for sale.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from February 2013

Beautiful but not widely popular, an Ultra High Relief gold coin changed hands. This striking coin using Augustus Saint-Gaudens original design showed off a deep mirrored finish.

In another gold transaction, a dealer offered and sold a slabbed gold $5 coin circa 1800. At over 200 years old and with a low mintage, this coin commands a price larger than its gold content.

As another rare example found at Sunday's show, a very nice trade dollar was on display in an MS-63 graded holder. Similar in size and weight of the silver dollar "cartwheels" and designed by William Barber, the US Mint struck the trade dollars from 1873 - 1885.

From an even earlier time frame, a virtually complete (missing only two coins) large cent collection from 1826 - 1857 arrived on the bourse.

Of course, there were many other displays as well from the ancient to the modern era coins; gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion; watches, jewelry and gemstones; currency, stock certificates and financial paper along with a variety of other exonumia.

Next month's coin show will be just as varied with a few of the same displays but many new ones as well.
Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the third Greater Atlanta Coin Show of the new year on Sunday, March 10, 2013 to buy, sell and browse the wide variety of numismatic and collectible items.