Once again, we send a huge THANK YOU to the hotel's event staff for moving the coin show into the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom. Initially, our contract stated the February coin show had to be downstairs due to a space conflict, but the hotel's people have been wonderful in moving us to the larger conference area when possible.

Yes, we're in the south, but the jet stream brought an arctic blast into the area on Saturday. For the coin show on Sunday, the temperatures climbed into the 40s, making for a warmer yet still cold day.

That's a good time to visit a coin show.

People, lots of people, visited the coin show. As with previous shows, we saw new faces along with those of our frequent visitors. Everyone is welcome, and we appreciate you coming to the coin show.

In addition to new visitors, the bourse had a new currency dealer this month. Here's a hearty welcome to him and hope he enjoyed the coin show. We appreciate his being available to join the coin show at a somewhat last minute notice.
On that note, people also looked for the new 2012 American Silver Eagles which a couple of the dealers had available at Sunday's coin show.

New silver bullion was not the only silver interest among Sunday's coin show visitors. Old silver dollars continue to be in demand for those wanting to invest in silver coins. They prefer the old coins, once called cartwheels, that flowed through circulation many years ago. At 90% silver, each old silver dollar contains 0.77344 troy ounce of silver.

Many people interested in coins also enjoy learning currency. Remember, numismatics is the study of money not just coins.

At the coin show, one of the frequent visitors showed several people his counterfeit $20 currency. He bought it as counterfeit for the interest and the education the counterfeit bill offered.

Just looking at the surface of the bill, the printing was nicely done including the small "20s" on the back of the bill. Held to the light, the counterfeit clearly did not have the watermark or the security threads of a valid $20 bill.

The owner would not pull it out of its protective holder so people could feel the bill's texture, but he noted the paper was not regular copy paper. His well-done counterfeit $20 illustrated that it's important to know how to identify the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's security measures in our currency.
The coin show saw a continued interest in buying and selling the less-than-four-month-old 2011 five-piece American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary set. Several dealers had the sets available. Plus, a few people brought theirs to sell (at a profit) to one of the dealers.

Just after the anniversary sets began arriving late last year, the big interest was keeping the boxes sealed such that the certification companies could identify the early sets along with grading the coins.

Several dealers commented that the sets they sent to the grading companies came back as roughly 50% MS-69 and 50% MS-70 coins. The goal, of course, was to obtain the MS-70 rating. But, as someone said, if you weren't told the coins were MS-69 or MS-70, could you tell the difference?

Regardless, the American Silver Eagles are beautiful coins.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from February 2012

For real currency, one of our dealers brought a stack of new $2 bills for buying and making change. Not a currency one sees every day, a couple of the other coin dealers "bought" several of the new $2 bills at face value for the added fun with their own monetary transactions.

Not to be outdone, a variety of gold coins existed on the bourse as well. One of this month's coin dealers specializes in Dahlonega gold. He displayed a nice variety of high grade Dahlonega gold coins in his showcases. Dahlonega gold, minted just a few miles north of here in the North Georgia hills, brings a premium over gold bullion for its beauty, its history and its rarity.

And, coin dealers have other interests too. One of our frequent coin dealers offers beautiful jewelry that he makes using silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones. This month, his showcases provided an opportunity for some Valentine's Day shopping in addition to his coins.

On a different note, one visitor to the coin show found on the bourse floor a gold-toned pen inscribed with "50th Anniversary ANA." A couple of our frequent guests could have been the pen's displaced owner. Sure enough, one of them was still at the coin show and appreciated that his ANA anniversary pen was found and returned.
Chilly outside, but warm and busy on the bourse, the February coin show was full of dealers and visitors for much of the day. Come join the fun at our next coin show on Sunday, March 11, 2012.