Come visit us at the February show to ride your hobby hard, to hustle and to see what opportunities await you!
Whether collecting or investing, "riding hard" can help you avoid mistakes - both minor and costly.

In that same vein, look all around you. When the economy is bad, opportunities are many. With the right knowledge and investment in both time and money, you can excel in your results whether your goal is to complete a collection or to make financial gains.

Be alert, be aware and be knowledgeable in your collecting and investing goals.
The 21st coin show year is starting very busy! We had a full house of dealers with many guests throughout the day. In addition, the Sports Collectibles show was held at the hotel on the same day. Many people took advantage and visited both shows.

Several people came to the show looking for gold and silver bullion. Silver bullion was available; however gold was difficult to find. Surprisingly, gold is not readily available, but the price is not starting to rise - yet.

Generally, if you have a high demand and a scarcity of resource, the price increases. History tells us that will happen with gold in the near future. Perhaps you should research bullion as an investment vehicle.

Are you an occasional hobbyist or a serious collector? An occasional dabbler or a focused investor?

Perhaps this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson can help you clarify: "He that rides his hobby gently must always give way to him that rides his hobby hard."
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