On a slightly different note, Sunday was Jim Sherrill's birthday. He turned 24 again, but we won't ask how many times he's turned 24. Jim, of course, provides security for the show each month. Kudos and Happy Birthday, Jim!

Here's a welcome and a thanks for visiting the show to the gentleman who drove his brand new, first and only version in the US at this time, gullwing Mercedes. On their web site, Mercedes claims, "Breathtaking performance and craftsmanship take flight in a gullwing coupe that nods to the past while rocketing into the future." And yes, he shared that he had driven the car up to 145 miles per hour already, but before you get too concerned about reckless driving, he is a race car driver.

Many people at the show enjoyed the thrill of just looking at his performance car sitting in the parking lot while imagining their hands on the wheel and the vibration of the engine as they drove the car on the open road. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
At the show once again, several people looked for gold. Some dealers had gold, but it was in limited supply. Both dealers and guests commented that gold continues to be difficult to find. One dealer offered a beautiful and relatively scarce, 2008, four-piece proof Buffalo gold set. In contrast, a guest brought a five ounce gold replica coin to determine its value and to decide if he wanted to sell it.

But, there is another precious metal associated with coins that many think is underrated and undervalued - that's silver. A bullion dealer offered varieties of silver rounds and rectangles, one to ten ounce versions, in his showcases.

Another gentleman guest arrived with a full run of mint sets from 1947 to date. Wow, that's over 60 years of mint sets. Remember, many of those uncirculated year sets contain both "P" and "D" mintmark versions of all the coins minted for circulation that year. Hmmm, wonder if there were over 1000 coins in all of those sets? What a fun statistic to determine for a later post on the blog.

Here's another welcome and thank-you-for-coming to the novices who visited the coin show for the first time. We had some people researching values for inherited collections while others looked for specific commemorative coins. The coin show's bourse with the various dealers offered many opportunities to learn and to see the many alternatives available.

Enjoy the warmth and not yet hot time until we see you at the next show on June 13, 2010

What an absolutely gorgeous spring day. In the early morning, the sunlight filtered through the trees and shimmered on the plants on the forest floor. The day's temperature began slightly cool, but pleasant, and later heated to a warm spring day. Above, the blue sky formed a beautiful clear bowl over the area with none of the heat, humidity and pollution haze that has yet to arrive with the oncoming summer months.

As for the coin show, people packed the bourse. They came out to enjoy the day and to buy, sell and trade with the variety of dealers and numismatics available on the floor.

Again this month, the Greater Atlanta Coin Show shared the date and the venue with the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles Show. Some people enjoyed visiting both shows to search for that perfect discovery to add to their collection.

Several dealers made a point of commenting about how good the coin show was this month. Following two shows in Tennessee this past week, we were concerned that this show might be less busy. But, everyone - dealers and guests - made this an outstanding show.
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