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Coin Show

Next Monthly Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes for November 2020

We have one more show this year with just enough time for you to make some of those holiday gift giving purchases.

Or, you could give yourself an early holiday gift.

The December Greater Atlanta Coin Show will occur unless we are forced to close by state, county, local, hotel or COVID-19 officials.

The bourse will be filled with dealers and their showcases of coins, currency, bullion, exonumia, scripophily, semi-precious stones, jewelry and other intriguing items.

All visitors to the show are welcome whether buying, selling, trading or just looking at the many different items. Also, people can bring items to have the dealers provide free verbal appraisals.

IMPORTANT:  Masks WILL BE REQUIRED to enter the show due to the continued concern about the virus situation.

Visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, December 13, 2020 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom to buy, sell, trade or just browse among the many items on display.
The November 2020 Greater Atlanta Coin Show welcomed many visitors, though not as many as in past, non-COVID-19 years.

This month, our dealers set-up their bountiful displays of coins, bullion, currency and other collectibles in three separate rooms downstairs due to renovations in the main ballroom where the show normally resides.

We appreciate all the people and resources that made the show a busy and fun place to spend a few hours - the visitors, the dealers, the security and the hotel's staff. All of you made the November show an interesting and successful venture - thank you. 
This month, we saw many new faces visiting the bourse. Welcome and we hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back to a future show.

Outside, Mother Nature provided a relatively nice day with warm temperatures (for November), cloudy skies and wind. It was a nice day to be out and about at a coin show.

On the bourse, discussions bounced around several numismatic and collectible topics.
Of course, people discussed the US Mint's recent limited release of gold and silver coins with a "V75" privy mark. This addition to the coins' design, honored the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The gold eagle had a mintage of 1945, representing the year the war ended.

The silver eagle also had a limited mintage, but much higher at 75,000 coins.

Unfortunately, the US Mint's online purchase system for limited mintage products has several flaws.
They open the sale of the coins at a specific time, however their online system is not designed to handle the number of people attempting to purchase the coins.

People can successfully access the system, even get their coin in their shopping cart, then not be able to make a purchase. The system fails while forcing the user to attempt to check out for a long time, then not allow the sale because the coin is no longer available.

Yes, the limited mintage causes high demand and not everyone will be able to purchase the coins. But the US Mint's system should not waste people's time.

They need to figure out how to manage the limited mintage up front and not allow people to put the coin in their shopping cart and spend a lot of time trying to check out if the coin is no longer available.

End rant.
At the show, people also looked for metals, especially bullion gold and silver.

With the market prices bouncing up and down, people remain interested in purchasing bullion items.

Some visitors brought items for appraisal. Dealers provide free verbal appraisals and many offer to buy the items.

People can choose to keep their items knowing what they are worth in this market, or they can choose to sell to the dealer with the best offer.
The next two images show the interim lobby space. There's a wall dividing the space that wasn't a part of the old lobby.

Wonder if they are re-configuring the Pub's restaurant space. Also, how will the new lobby look when renovated.

We'll see.
Due to the busy bourse and additional challenges of the three rooms, Bob was unable to obtain any "Seen on the Bourse" images. Hopefully, next month.

Instead, we offer a few images of the ballroom's work in progress.

These first four images show different views of the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom construction area. The ceilings are missing. The walls have patches. There are stacks of drywall.

But these first steps indicate the finished product should be interesting.
hotel ballroom renovation image 1
hotel ballroom renovation image 2
hotel ballroom renovation image 3
hotel ballroom renovation image 4
hotel lobby renovation image 1
hotel lobby renovation image 2