As a numismatist or an investor, visit our next show.

If you have coins or bullion you want to sell, the coin show offers the opportunity to talk with several different dealers in one place.

Or, if you are searching to complete your collectible sets, there are many dealers who will help you.

If you are an investor in coins or bullion, you can research your best options at the show as well.
Can you believe it? Half of the 2008 Greater Atlanta Coin Show calendar has gone, and soon half of the year will be gone too. Time is flying.

Okay, someone turned on Atlanta's summer furnace early. The June 8 show had hot, very, very hot and humid weather. The day was beautiful but oh so hot! (Did I mention it was hot?) And for the first time this year, people were enjoying the hotel's pool.

But for the coin show, even with the heat, we had good attendance with dealers and guests.

If you have been following the metals markets - silver, gold and platinum, as you would expect, the bullion sales were very active at the show.

On a slightly different note, guests brought gold coins from the Charlotte mint and the Dahlonega mint to show and potentially sell to dealers on the floor.

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