On the bourse, some interesting bullion could be found. One dealer had two ten-ounce gold ingots in addition to Panama-Pacific Exposition Round and Octagonal coins. Of course, the Panama-Pacific Exposition coins were from 1915 with the Round at less than 500 and the Octagonal at less than 700 population. Being gold and rare, those will retain their rather expensive price tags.

Another bullion rarity, this time offered to a dealer by a guest dealer visiting the bourse, included a 2008 uncirculated one-quarter ounce platinum coin. As an aside, it's going to be interesting to watch the market prices of the US Mint's platinum coins as the value of gold continues to surpass that of platinum in the metals' markets.

Regardless, in support of the earlier comment, the bourse's bullion dealers were busy buying and selling both gold and silver throughout the day.

The coin show also welcomes the guests who bring collectibles and inheritances to be appraised. The bourse's coin dealers provide free verbal appraisals for people's valuables. One caution, the verbal quote is good only for the day of the show since prices fluctuate in today's markets. People can choose to sell at the quoted price or to hold their valuables for a future opportunity.

Like the shows earlier this year, the September coin show was a busy place to be. Our next monthly coin show is Sunday, October 9, 2011 in the Lyon and Sanford rooms located on the floor below the main conference floor.
Now, for the observant, this could mean an opportunity. In business, prices tend to go down when there is low demand. But, it depends on the dealer. Some coin dealers may make enough with their gold and silver business to be able to hold their rare coins. Others may reduce the rare coin prices in order to move them with the low demand. For you true collectors, you may find some bargains for your coin treasures if you look in the right place.

On a different note, we appreciate the hotel's restaurant service. Several guests enjoyed lunch at the restaurant. (One raved about their chili - it was good and the price was right.) As for the dealers, they appreciate the hotel's restaurant taking their lunch orders and bringing their meal to their tables.
Teasing us with a glimpse of fall in Atlanta, the Sunday sun shone at a different angle and contrasted with the gorgeous clear blue sky. The day's temperatures were in the low 8os, but with lower humidity the day didn't feel hot. Perhaps it's psychological too. The cooler temperatures at night remind us that the days will be much cooler soon. But, Hotlanta will be hot again before jacket weather.

Being the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, people talked of and remembered the losses from that day ten years ago. One of our dealers provided a visual reminder to honor the heroes and those lost in the strikes against the U.S.

As for the bourse, it was full of dealers and busy with many guests for most of the day. We saw a lot of new faces this month including a few golfers stopping by to take a look. All of you are welcome and thank you for visiting the coin show!

In addition to the dealers with tables, we also enjoy having visiting dealers, some of whom are coin shop owners, walk the bourse talking with friends and looking for treasures. All of the dealers observed that the majority of their customers are looking for bullion gold and silver or bulk silver coins. They claim the true collectors are only a small portion of their current business.
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