Collectors were not deterred by the cold and windy conditions either. Many people visited the show eager to see the new location - ready to examine the available numismatics to fill holes in their individual collections. Of course, some people came to sell and trade coins and currency as well.

With the January show behind us, everyone is getting ready for the February show on Sunday, the 10th. This next show should be just as jam-packed with opportunities to buy, sell and trade as the January show, if not moreso.

We all look forward to you visiting the next show.
What a show!

Atlanta's weather provided winter challenges during the week before the show. On the Saturday sleet accumulated in the morning then snow; and by mid afternoon, the mixture started melting with very cold, ice-making temperatures expected that evening and night.

Regardless of the cold and ice, the Sunday show in the new location was great. Dealers arrived early to set-up. They worked with each other and were all set to meet with collectors when the show opened at 9:00.
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